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2014 Foals

There is such excitement with the birth of the Pryor foals. This year all foals will have names that start with the letter “O”. This carries on the alphabetical naming system that was started in 2000. The Mustang Center works in conjunction with other organizations and individuals to observe and report each foal.  Names are chosen to represent a parent name. Please note that the band stallion is not necessarily the sire of the foal due to interchange. We add the information to our comprehensive Pryor Mountain Wild Horse List. In addition, this year we will maintain a list on this page as a quick look at the list of 2014 foals

ID Number




Birth HaremDate Reported

Reported by & Notes


The Cloud Foundation

Corona’s foals are named for things in the sky.


Shawn Ivie

Shawn continued the “Greta” tradition with name inspired by actor Orlando Bloom.


Diane Granger: Mustang Center

Diane chose this name in honor of Sacajawea’s contribution to the Lewis & Clark expedition to the West Coast.







Cass Bromley: Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Family tradition of names: Grandfather Shaman: Holy man or medicine man. Mother Hataali: Navajo medicine man. Oracle means someone who gives a divine revelation. This was a perfect name suggested by Ginger Kathrens.

201405OglalaColt IcaraFools Crow5/1/14

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Name carried on from Fools Crow. Frank Fools Crow was a respected Oglala Lakota leader. Thanks to Joy Vancos for first suggesting this name.




UnknownMorganaFools Crow5/1/14

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

It was time for this foal to have a name, despite not being seen since early May. Osage was chosen as a good name for either a colt or a filly. It goes well with band stallion, Fools Crow, and band mate, Oglala.


Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area  Name carries on the “plant” theme of Fresia. It is a good strong name for a Pryor stallion!


PMWMC: Team effort with Bryon & Karen Moen, Donna & Jim Dark and Nancy Cerroni

Ohanzee is a Sioux word for “shadow” or “dark shade.” Great connection between cloud and shadow. Ohanzee’s name provided by The Cloud Foundation: Ginger Kathrens and RT Fitch.




As reported by TCF on May 25.

Confirmed June 1.


The Cloud Foundation                              

When they saw Demure’s foal they thought of Omaha-an Indian Tribe. Name is in honor of the colt’s grandmothers Broken Bow and Winnemucca. Both names are place names that have a Native American origin. Winnemucca is Paiute and means giver of spiritual gifts.

201410Outlaw LadyFillyHeleniumDuke5/25/14

PryorWild/Mustang Center

Name was chosen using input from FaceBook friends. At first we had identified this foal as a colt…later on found out it was a filly (not unusual with these young foals). Decided that the name would still work…after all, women were outlaws too!

201411OkomiColtFirestormJackson5/27/14The Cloud Foundation reported Firestorm’s colt as a dun with a darker face. Ginger suggested Okami as a name. This means “coyote” in the Arapaho language, great link to Jackson, a coyote dun. Nice Wyoming connection, too, with the Northern Arapaho tribe in Wyoming.
201412OroColtMaiaGalaxy6/20/14The Cloud Foundation was filming Maia and her foal when a PryorWild tour showed up. The name Oro was chosen because of the similar two-syllable word/ending with a vowel shared with his mom, Maia, and grandmother, Hera. Oro can mean either “relating to mountains” or is Spanish for gold. This foal carries an appropriate name meaning, “Mountain Gold.”
201413OdakotaColtGracianaDuke6/21/14Jack Sterling, of Billings, found this foal immediately after birth. He got the name Odakota from a friend from the Fort Peck Reservation. Odakota means “everybody’s friend.” This goes along well with his mom’s name which comes from grace…kindness, mercy, love of mankind.
201414 OliviaFillyHalcyonBlue Moon/ Flint7/1/14First photo by Meg Frederick through Wild in the Pryors FaceBook. Meg was with the Lynn Pomeranz Pryor Workshop at the time of the report. The name was presented in the Wild in the Pryors blog, “Her name is Olivia, which is the Latin name for Olive, the symbol of peace.  This name fits well with the family theme (Halcyon, Nirvana).”


Desceased as reported by Sandy Elmore and Steve Cerroni



Wild in the Pryors/Sandy Elmore:

This colt’s name follows the rock/mineral theme of his mother and grandmother. Moenkopi and Galena. Obsidian is naturally occurring volcanic glass. It is usually dark in color, but can have many different shades. This was a special name for Sandy’s group that reported the foal as one member was from Iceland, a land of volcanoes and volcanic rock such as obsidian.


Allison O’Neil, along with a group with Mike Francis, reported Lariat’s foal which had been born just hours earlier.

He was named Oklahoma to go along with his mom’s Western theme.




Reported by Shawn Ivie

Shawn did thorough research to find the perfect name for this filly. His choices came down to two names: Ojai and Ochoco. Both names are rich with links to parents, Washakie and Baja. Ojai was chosen. As Shawn said, ” It has a J with the H sound, like Baja and also 4 letters. It is from the Chumash Indian word awhay , which means moon. “





Reported by PryorWild

The filly, daughter of Galadrial and born into Gringo’s band, was first spotted by a couple from Michigan. They took the opportunity to name the filly very seriously and made several suggestions for names. Oceana was chosen as a tribute to Galadrial’s mother, Atlantis. The name was also independently suggested by Mustang Center board member, Kate Allred.


Reported by PryorWild

Orielle means “golden.” The name goes well with her dad’s distinctive color as well as the French origin of her mother’s name. The name was suggested by Ginger Kathrens.

201420OkiotakColtKetchikanGringo/ Tecumseh10/26/14

Reported by PryorWild and Jack Sterling

Okiotak comes from an Alaskan native language and means “one who stays all winter” The name was suggested by Liz and Anh, friends from California. The Alaskan connection was made even more special because of our friend, James, an Army Ranger who has been stationed in Alaska. James and his parents were with us on the day we first saw Okiotak.


2014 Foal Photos: