The Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. It is operated largely through the generous contributions of private donors. All contributions are very important to our cause and are greatly appreciated. The Center’s Board utilizes your donations to help fullfill the mission and vision to best preserve the future of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses. Your donations are used for the following:

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General Donations:

By selecting general donations, you are giving the Mustang Center the choice of where your funds can best be utilized within the following areas.

Running the Mustang Center:

The original goal of the Mustang Center’s founders was to have a “gathering place” for people to visit about and learn about the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses. Each year, people from around the globe stop by to find out more about these amazing animals. Operating the building and grounds of the Center are largely dependent on donations. Our goal for the upcoming year is to enhance our displays so visitors can enrich their own knowledge base about the historical, cultural, and scientific background of the horses.

Mustangs at the Mustang Center

There are three Pryor horses in the 12-acre pasture right next to the Mustang Center. These horses were adopted by the Mustang Center in order to provide a safe home that strives to replicate their wild horse world. Stiles was born in 1999. He was a larger-than-life stallion on the mountain who was removed in 2009. Mercuria and Paquita are a mother/daughter grulla pair of horses that were removed in 2015. The three of them are joined by Quarter Horse, Quixote, who befriended Paquita in the domestic setting. These horses serve as ambassadors to the Center and provide a firsthand experience with visitors as they learn about conformation and behaviors of the Pryor Horses. Please join us to meet their needs throughout the year. Your donations will go towards feed and upkeep of the facilities.

Collaborative Range Projects

The Mustang Center strives to work with both the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area to fund projects that will educate and protect the wild horses on the Range. The Center has an agreement with the BLM to collaborate with such projects as monitor/maintain the water resources, conduct a DNA study, and provide demographic data of the horses. In addition, the Mustang Center and Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area are collaborating on projects to better ensure safety and provide educational resources on behalf of the wild horses who live in that part of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range.