ID NumberNameGenderMotherProbable SireDate ReportedComments
202401YumaMHataaliiOrlando4/9/2024The first foal of 2024 was born to the mare, Hataalii, in a remote area of Sykes Ridge. His name was chosen with the connection to his mother's name and the area of the Navajo nation.
202402YalenoMSilver BowNodin/Navigator4/13/2024Yaleno is Silver Bow's second offspring with the stallion, Nodin/Navigator. Like his mother and his older brother, Vogager, Yaleno is a beautiful blue roan. His name is Northern European for "Shining Light" which is a close equivalent to the importance of blue roans in Crow beliefs (information courtesy of Tim McCleary, Little Big Horn College, Crow Agency, MT).
202403YaraFPilarStillwater4/14/2024The mare, PIlar, joined with the stallion, Stallwater, shortly after the birth of her daughter, Wildfire, in 2022. The mother/daughter pair stayed with Stillwater until July 2023. By this point, the then-pregnant mare, joined Chief Joseph, Nimbus/Encore, and Xacara. It was a great thrill to see the new foal born with her sire's sorrel-based color. She was named Yara in honor of her sire, Stillwater. Yara is a name that means Water Lady or Lady of the Lake.

2024 Foal Photos: All foals in 2024 have been named with the letter “Y.”