To accomplish its mission of preserving the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses and the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center is engaged in a variety of projects.

Wild Horse Research: This research falls into two categories: Monitoring the present herd and trying to better understand the herd in the past. This information is shared with managers to allow for the best possible preservation of the herd.

Wild Horse Monitoring: The Center monitors the herd year-round to gather information. This information includes births, deaths, harem interchange, and horse locations.

Past Herd Data: The Center is working to develop a database on all known Pryor Mountain Wild Horses in the past. A major goal of this project is to develop kinship charts that will allow for a better understanding of the genetics of the herd. However, other useful information will be able to be determined from information in the database.

Educational Programs: As a non-profit, educational organization, the Center works to educate the public on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses. The Center has developed different methods of providing education.

Field Trips: The Mustang Center is the perfect starting point for field trips. We give background information and directions to areas to look for the horses. Here you can learn about the conformation of the horses through our resident Pryor horses. 

Presentations: Upon request we can give presentations to community groups and school classes. These photographic presentations can be tailor made to address your objectives.

Web Page: The Center works to provide information to a broader audience through its web pages. The Center’s main web site provides general information while the news and blog sections provide up to date information on the wild horses and the issues affecting them.

Future Projects: Due to the ever-changing world, the Center is always looking for new methods and funding to better accomplish its mission. The following are projects the Center looks forward to assisting in the near-future.

Project Assistance: To assist managers in improving conditions on the wild horse range, the Center hopes to provide volunteer assistance for such projects as interpretive sign development, fence repairs and removals, and rangeland improvements.


The Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center relies on the generosity of supporters. Donations to the support activities such as these:

Monitoring:  The Center believes that the best management of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses depends on having accurate and up to date information to share with managers.  To achieve this, the Center monitors the horses and gathers such data as herd composition, family band composition, family band locations, and the genetic lineage of individual horses.

Education:   The Center is focused on educating the public on the importance of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses.  To achieve this, the Center constantly works on research and development for ongoing educational exhibits and brochures as well as educational tours and a multimedia curriculum packet provided to schools at no cost.

Promotion:  The Center strong supports a genetically sound herd of Colonial Spanish wild horses on a healthy range in the Pryor Mountains.  To achieve this, the Center works with the Bureau of Land Management, and other agencies and organizations, to determine the best management strategies that will ensure long-term sustainability.  In doing so, the Center also believes that the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range can act as an example of a well-managed wild horse herd that others can learn from.

Operation:  To better achieve its goals, the Center has a museum building to operate from.  To ensure that the building can be staffed and open to the public, the Center requires funding for general operations.

“I invite you to join our efforts to foster the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses and to ensure that people will still be able to enjoy and learn from them 200 years from now.”

John Nickle

President, Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center