2020 Foals

ID NumberNameGenderMotherProbable SireDate ReportedCommentsPhoto
202001UintaMNovaHickok3/13/2020The first foal of 2020 was born to mare, Nova, and stallion, Hickok. Uinta was named as a connection with his brother, Sundance. Both of Nova's colts are named after Wyoming place names. Sundance is a town in the northeast corner of the state. Uinta (you-in-tah) is a county in the southwest corner of the state. Uinta is a classic dun which will set him apart from the sorrel colors of his siblings.
202002UnityFPhantomJohnston4/6/2020Unity is a pretty little sorrel foal born to the blue roan mare, Phantom, and grullo stallion, Phantom. Her color unites the past with the present.
202003UtahMFeldsparOkomi4/25/2020Utah is Okomi's first offspring. His name was chosen to represent the Western theme name of his grandsire, Jackson.
202004UmatillaFMorganaJohnston4/28/2020Umatilla bears a striking resemblance to her paternal grandmother, Cascade. The name was chosen to represent the Washington/Oregon connection to her grandmother's name.
202006UshaFMorning ReverieUnknown5/10/202000
202008Ukulele LilFPennJesse James5/15/202000