2020 Foals

ID NumberNameGenderMotherProbable SireDate ReportedCommentsPhoto
202001UintaMNovaHickok3/13/2020The first foal of 2020 was born to mare, Nova, and stallion, Hickok. Uinta was named as a connection with his brother, Sundance. Both of Nova's colts are named after Wyoming place names. Sundance is a town in the northeast corner of the state. Uinta (you-in-tah) is a county in the southwest corner of the state. Uinta is a classic dun which will set him apart from the sorrel colors of his siblings.
202002UnityFPhantomJohnston4/6/2020Unity is a pretty little sorrel foal born to the blue roan mare, Phantom, and grullo stallion, Phantom. Her color unites the past with the present.
202003UtahMFeldsparOkomi4/25/2020Utah is Okomi's first offspring. His name was chosen to represent the Western theme name of his grandsire, Jackson.
202004UmatillaFMorganaJohnston4/28/2020Umatilla bears a striking resemblance to her paternal grandmother, Cascade. The name was chosen to represent the Washington/Oregon connection to her grandmother's name.
202005UkiahMPilarHamlet5/10/20The name 'Ukiah' has Native American origins meaning "deep valley." This goes well with Pilar as the mare's name means "pillar." These two names represent their Pryor home with the rock and tree pillars of the upper Sykes Ridge area and the deep valley of Big Coulee.
202006UshaFMorning ReverieUnknown5/10/2020Usha means "dawn." It is the perfect name for the look-alike daughter of the mare, Morning Reverie.0
202007UdallMQuintanaOkomi5/10/20It was important to name a foal after Stuart L. Udall, the Secretary of the Interior, who established the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range as the first public horse range in the United States back in 1968.0
202008Ukulele LilFPennJesse James5/15/2020Ukulele Lil was born to the remote band led by Jesse James. The name is just a fun name that matches well with the Western theme of her sire.0
202009UushuwateFNiobraraFools Crow5/31/20The name, Uushuwate, means "Arrowhead" in the Crow language. The name connects well with the Native American names of Fools Crow, Niobrara, and Thunderbird.0
202010Ultra BlueMLa BravaIrial7/8/2020This little one was born into a world of "blue." His sire, Irial, also known as Indigo Kid, is a beautiful blue roan. The foal's brother, Trooper, shares that color pattern. In addition, his grandmother is Blue Sioux, a legendary blue roan mare.0