Foster Horse Program

We invite you to become a foster parent of a Pryor Mountain Wild Horse!

The Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center began the Foster Horse in August 2010. The Foster Horse program is designed to bring awareness to the Pryor herd one horse at a time.  In the past 10 years, we have many “parents” to the horses on the Range that have been selected for this program. We frequently add more horses to the Foster Horse Program. The Center has and will consider custom requests for Foster Horse packages.

The Center is committed to preserving the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses. In order to achieve this goal, the lands of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range must be preserved as well. We invite you to participate in these goals by joining this Foster Program. For a donation of $30.00, supporters will receive a foster packet for the available horse of their choice. Send us an email if you are interested in making a request for any other Pryor Horse. The donations will be applied to range improvement projects that will help ensure the health of the wild horses. From each $30.00 donation, $20.00 will be allocated for range improvement projects. Examples of range improvement projects include monitoring & maintaining water sources, improving educational signage, and other projects as needed.

The Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range Foster Horse Program packet contains a beautiful 8″ X 10″ colored photograph of the horse as well as a certificate suitable for framing and pertinent information on the horse. Members of the Foster Horse Program will also receive news on the achievements made possible by their support.

To join the Foster Horse Program, please use the form on the Donation page:

For more information email us at:

The available horses in the Foster Horse Program are:

GARCIA: 2006 Stallion

FOOLS CROW: 2005 Stallion

LA NINA: 2013 Mare

GALAXY: 2006 Stallion

HICKOK: 2007 Stallion