Id NumberNameGenderMotherProbable SireDate ReportedCommentsPhoto
202201Wyatt EarpMRigel StarrJesse Jamaes4/1/2022The first foal of 2022 was born to a first-time mother, Rigel Starr.
202202WillaFPennJesse James5/15/2022Willa closely resembles her siblings with her bay color. Shortly after her birth, she, along with her mother and sister, Virginia City Sue became a part of Sundance's band.
202203WizardMTitaniaHawk5/17/2022Titania's first foal is a flashy red dun colt that was named Wizard. The name follows the long line from the King Arthur theme that goes back to Sir Lancelot.
202204WindwalkerUTaliaGringo5/29/2022There was one reported sighting of Talia's foal on May 29, 2022. The beautiful buckskin pair has not been seen since.
202205WylieMUmatillaHawk6/3/2022The young mare, Umatilla, gave birth to a handsome colt with a look much like his probable sire, Hawk.
202206WranglerMLa BravaBolder6/10/2022Wrangler joins brothers Trooper and Ultra Blue - sharing a similar foal look with the early signs of becoming blue roan.
202207WillowFQuahneahLondon6/15/2022Quahneah's name was chosen to go along with the Alaskan theme of her probable sire, London's, name (Jack London). Willow is the name of a gold rush city in Alaska. The flashy bay foal's grandmother was Gold Rush.
202208WindsorMNobleLondon6/15/2022It seemed very fitting to name Noble and London's new colt after British royalty, the House of Windsor.
202209WildroseFPegasusMissoula6/17/2022Wildrose is a perfect name for this filly. Her probable sire is Missoula which is a city in western Montana. Wildrose is the name of a mountain in western Montana. In addition, her great grandmother is Rosarita. Another connection is the Irish theme of the foal's grandmother, Ireland....Wild Irish Rose!
202210WynonnaFSophiaBanjo Paterson6/23/2022Lovely little Wynonna was the first born to Sophia and Banjo Paterson. Her name is fitting as it means "first born daughter."
202211Red WolfMFeldsparOkomi7/8/2022It has been awhile since a red dun foal was born on the mountain. One of the most memorable ones was Red Cloud who died many years ago. It seemed fitting to use a similar name for this new one whose sire is Okomi...a word that means "coyote."
202212WinokaMIcaraHawk7/31/2022Winoka is a fictional town from the Little House on the Prairie series. This foal's brother is "Utopia" which is a fictional place of perfection. Photo by Diane Granger
202213Warrior KingMMorganaHidatsa8/5/2022Warrior King was born into a family with names from the King Arthur legends. King Arthur was referred to as a warrior king. Perfect name for a colt with a strong, regal look. Photo by Diane Granger
202214Wind RiverFProsperaMica/MatoSka8/18/2022Wind River got her name from the Wyoming place names. She has a blaze that is wide like the Wind River.
202215WonderFJuniperGringo8/28/2022It was a wonder to have this foal born. Earlier in the year, Juniper lost her buckskin daughter, Talia. Talia had last been seen on May 29 with a buckskin foal. The two have not been seen since. It was, indeed, a wonder, when Juniper had another buckskin filly.
202216WindsongFNimbus/EncoreChief Joseph9/2/2022Windsong is a perfect name for the daughter of Encore!
202217Wild BillMOutlaw LadyJupiter9/15/2022A name sfrhe Wild West was needed for the first offspring of Outlaw Lady.
202218Wyoming WhisperFCeceliaJesse James9/26/2022There has been limited sightings of Cecelia. The foal was named because the band spends most of their time in Wyoming. And her mother is quiet like a whisper.
202219WandererMJewelQuanah9/28/2022This foal was born to a mother who moves from stallion to stallion. In the past years, she has roamed from the Dryhead to Sykes Ridge to the mountain top. The name "Wanderer" is a perfect name for this son of Jewel. Photo by Kelly Wilson.
202220WildfireFPilarChief Joseph10/10/2022How could we not use the name "Wildfire" this year? The last foal of the year was given the iconic name from the Michael Martin Murphey song. It is a perfect name for this foal who was born with a bright bay color. Photo by Phyllis Wray.