The Foals – 2022










2022 Foals

#Id NumberNameGenderMotherProbable SireDate ReportedCommentsPhoto
1202201Wyatt EarpMRigel StarrJesse Jamaes4/1/2022The first foal of 2022 was born to a first-time mother, Rigel Starr.
2202202WillaFPennJesse James5/15/2022Willa closely resembles her siblings with her bay color. Shortly after her birth, she, along with her mother and sister, Virginia City Sue became a part of Sundance's band.
3202203WizardMTitaniaHawk5/17/2022Titania's first foal is a flashy red dun colt that was named Wizard. The name follows the long line from the King Arthur theme that goes back to Sir Lancelot.
4202204WindwalkerUTaliaGringo5/29/2022There was one reported sighting of Talia's foal on May 29, 2022. The beautiful buckskin pair has not been seen since.
5202205WylieMUmatillaHawk6/3/2022The young mare, Umatilla, gave birth to a handsome colt with a look much like his probable sire, Hawk.
6202206WranglerMLa BravaBolder6/10/2022Wrangler joins brothers Trooper and Ultra Blue - sharing a similar foal look with the early signs of becoming blue roan.
7202207WillowFQuahneahLondon6/15/2022Quahneah's name was chosen to go along with the Alaskan theme of her probable sire, London's, name (Jack London). Willow is the name of a gold rush city in Alaska. The flashy bay foal's grandmother was Gold Rush.
8202208WindsorMNobleLondon6/15/2022It seemed very fitting to name Noble and London's new colt after British royalty, the House of Windsor.
9202209WildroseFPegasusMissoula6/17/2022Wildrose is a perfect name for this filly. Her probable sire is Missoula which is a city in western Montana. Wildrose is the name of a mountain in western Montana. In addition, her great grandmother is Rosarita. Another connection is the Irish theme of the foal's grandmother, Ireland....Wild Irish Rose!
10202210WynonnaFSophiaBanjo Paterson6/23/2022Lovelly little Wynonna was named to follow the celebrity theme that goes back to her grandmother, Greta. The name has origins that mean "first born daughter." The filly is the first born of Sophia and Banjo.