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2017 Foals

We celebrate the life of each new Pryor foal! This year, all the foals’ names will begin with the letter “R”. The names are carefully chosen to relate, in some way, to the new horse’s heritage. We will report any news of the 2017 Pryor foals on this page throughout the year. We strive to report any updates as soon as possible, but be patient with us as we work to gather full information about the new ones. Thanks so much to the network of people who report new births to us!

ID Number




Birth Harem

Date Reported

Reported by & Notes
201701Rigel StarrFNovaHickok4/3/2017Visitors stopped by the Mustang Center with the news of this first Pryor foal. John & Lynda Nickle immediately ran up to get some “first” photos. The name was chosen to carry on the “sky” theme started with her grandmother, Kitalpha.

Raeleah J





Little Raeleah Jwas found and named by Dennis and Toots McCollough. The name Raeleah means “Rays of Sunshine”. The letter J was given for her sire, Johnston. Sadly, Raeleah J lived a short life on the Pryor Mountains.




UnknownUnknownSeen with Doc’s band at birth6/28/17This foal was first seen by Kimberly Grapski from Connecticut who was photographing the Pryor Horses on her honeymoon. She chose the name, Railynn (pronounced Rye-lynn), which means “Wise Protector” in Gaelic. This is another Pryor foal who had a very short life in 2017.  The foal was seen with Doc’s band on the morning of its birth. However, none of Doc’s mares claimed it. The foal was last seen running into the woods and was not seen again. It was nicknamed “Rainbow” as a remembrance of the rainy day it was born and that it now lives…somewhere over the rainbow.
201704RenegadeMWashakieBaja7/12/17Baja and Washakie’s foal was first reported by Tyanna Eaton from Billings, MT who works in conjunction with the BLM through the Montana Conservation Corps.  This foal will face large obstacles due to the fact his mother is 23 years old and his sire is 21 years old. He was named Renegade as he will need a strong, spirit to help him rebel against the obstacles that he must overcome in order to grow into a strong Pryor stallion.




JacintaGaray7/17/17This foal was first seen by Abbie Branchflower who chose the name Rue. This is a plant name that honors both mom, Jacinta, and grandmother, Rosebud. The Mustang Center gave the foal a different name, Rio. The name carries on the Spanish link for both parents as well as represents Rosebud which is a river in Montana. Both will be listed on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Identification Guide.
201706Morning ReverieFHataaliiMorning Star8/15/17A beautiful dun foal was first seen by Anh Nyugen. Her name was chosed to honor both her sire and her mother. Hataalii’s name carries on from her sire, Shaman. Reverie means “dream” which fits nicely with her mother and grandsire.
201707RaffaellaUnknownIsadoraMorning Star 9/20/17This little foal did not get a chance at life. On Sept. 20, 2017, Kristen Collett found that the mare, Isadora, and her foal both died during the birthing process. Kristen chose the name Raffaella which is a variation of the name, Raphael, which means “God is Healing.”
201708RydenMJasmineDoc10/5/17Doc and Jasmine’s foal was eagerly awaited and was finally seen by Anh Nguyen. The name “Ryden” was chosen to pay tribute to Hope Ryden, a young ABC correspondent who, in 1968, brought the plight of the Pryor horses to the world, thus leading to the designation of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range as the first public horse range in the nation. Ryden is the grandson and part of a very small lineage on his sire, Doc’s side.