ID NumberNameGenderMotherProbable SireDate ReportedCommentsPhoto
202101V-1UKohlGarayBorn: Jan 2021 Died: May 2021The first foal of 2021 got an early start as it was first seen in January.
202102VenusFGalenaHorizonMar. 12, 2021
202103VoyagerMSilver BowNodin/ NavigatorApr. 24, 2021
202104VermillionFHeleniumHorizonBorn: Apr. 29, 2021 Died: May 13, 2021This beautiful little sorrel was born to the mare, Helenium. Most likely, the filly's sire was Horizon. The lived a short life on the Pryors as she disappeared two weeks after birth.
202105VihoMNobleLondonApr. 29 2021His grandsire was Duke. His mother is Noble. The name, Viho, is the Cheyenne word for "chief." This name was chosen to carry on the theme of nobility.
202106VivianaFHataaliiKillian/EchoMay 6, 2021Viviana was born in a remote area on Sykes Ridge. Her mother had moved off with the stallion, Orlando. The filly is strong and very lively. Her name was chosen is it means "lively, life." It is a perfect match for her mother's name, Hataalii, and her grandsire, Shaman, whose healing powers connect to life.
202107VaqueraFJacintaGarayMay 11, 2021Vaquera is a sturdy filly with the looks much like her grandsire, Conquistador. Her name, meaning Cowgirl, was chosen to go along with her brother, Tapadero.
202108VictoriaFQuintasketLondonMay 11, 2021Victoria was born to the sorrel mare, Quintasket. The foal is a rich bay color which is reminiscent of her grandsire, Duke, and the stallion, London, who is her most likely sire.
202109Virginia City SueFPennJesse JamesJune 14, 2021Virginia City Sue is the 2021 foal of Penn and Jesse James, in one of the most elusive bands of the Pryors. She is another bay that carries a great "Western name" that speaks of the western life she leads.
202110VesuviaFPeleIrialJuly 15, 2021
202111ValhallaMPetraLondonJuly 28, 2021
202112ValorMMorganaJohnstonAug. 8, 2021
202113VenturaFLa NinaOglalaAug. 9, 2021
202114VioletFJewelFools CrowAug. 13, 2021Violet is the color of royalty...a perfect name for a Jewel from a crown (Corona). Violet is a sturdy little black foal that just may turn roan just like her sire.
202115ValentinaFProsperaMica/MatoSkaAug. 24, 2021Valentina is a look-alike to her sire, Mica/Matoska. She is a flashy foal with a big blaze and white on three legs.
202116VesperFHeraMica/MatoShaOct. 1, 2021October 2021 brought with it a new foal for Hera and a new playmate for Valentina. The new filly, Vesper, is looking like she will be blue roan just like her parents.
202117Vista ColourMPetite ColourJasperOct. 3, 2021It was great to see a new foal with Jasper's band. The foal, a colt, was named Vista Colour to carry on the tradition from Quelle Colour.
202118VolareMSapoHamletNov. 10, 2021The colt, Volare, was born to the aging mare, Sapo, and stallion, Hamlet. He was named Volare which means "to fly" in honor of his grandsire, Raven.
202119VintageFDemurDocNov. 11, 2021The last foal of 2021 is a pretty little filly that has been named, Vintage. The name means of old, recognized, and enduring...a classic. This name pays tribute to her sire, Doc, who has been an enduring and classic band stallion for many years on the Pryors.