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2015 Foals

It is that exciting time of the year when the foals will begin to be born. In 2015, all the foals will have names that start with the letter “P.” We work hard to find names that relate to a parent’s name. This naming system allows us to know the age and lineage of a horse just by its name. We will report foal births and information on this page throughout the year. Keep in mind, we may discover differences in the gender information. Initially it is often hard to tell since it is best to keep some distance from the young foals.

ID Number  Name



Birth Harem

Date Reported

Reported by & Notes

201501PhantomFillyIcaraFools Crow4/22/15Reported by Kristen Collett. The name, Phantom, goes well with her sire, Fools Crow. As a young colt, he had a tendency to be “phantom-like” as he could literally disappear and reappear so often!
201502ProsperaFillyFiascoCuster4/23/15Reported by Jared Bybee of the BLM. He suggested the name Prospera. It is an Italian word that means prosperous, lucky. This fits well with both of Fiasco’s names. A fiasco is the woven basket on an Italian wine bottle. The Cloud Foundation name, “Felicity” means good luck.

Reported by Kristen Collett. Kristen’s mom suggested the name Paquita. It means “free” in Spanish.

Paquita and her mom, Mercuria, were removed from the Range in Sept. 2015. They will have a permanent home at the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center.

201504PeleFillyFool’s GoldIrial5/7/15Reported by The Cloud Foundation. In Hawaii, Pele is the Fire Goddess…the goddess of volcanoes. This matches well with Fool’s Gold’s name which is another name for “pyrite.” Pyrite is a name derived from the Greek word for “fire.”
201505ParryColtFresiaHidalgo5/7/15Reported by The Cloud Foundation. Carrying on the plant theme of Fresia, this foal’s name comes from the Parry Primrose which was first identified by Charles Christopher Parry in 1861. The flower does grow in the Pryors.
201506Cloud’s PrideColtFeldsparMescalero’s Band-Sire is Cloud  5/21/15Reported by Kristen Collett. This handsome little buckskin has been named by The Cloud Foundation in honor of his sire.
201507PetraFillyGalenaDoc5/25/15Reported by The Cloud Foundation and Kristen Collett. Petra got her name to go along with her mom’s. Petra is the feminine form of petros which means stone or rock. Galena is the dark mineral form of lead.
201508“Banjo” PatersonColtGabrielle



Reported by Kristen Collett. We have used an Australian theme for Brumby’s line. Banjo Paterson was the Australian poet who wrote “The Man from Snowy River.”

201509Petite ColourFillyKohlGaray5/31/15Reported by Ann Nguyen. We honored this filly with a related name to her grandmother, Quelle Colour.
201510PrimaFillyNovaHickok6/7/15Reported by John & Lynda Nickle of the Mustang Center.  When looking up star names to go along with Nova’s name, we ran across the word “Prima” as part of a couple star names with the meaning “first among equals.”
201512PatriotColtJacintaGaray7/4/15Reported by Sandy Palen. Name was perfect for a foal born on the 4th of July!
201513PaxColtLa NinaBlizzard7/18/15Reported by Nancy Cerroni, PMWMC. La Nina is a Pacific climate pattern. The word Pacific means “peaceful seas”. Pax is Latin for peace. It just seemed like a powerful name for this new Pryor foal.
2015-14PennFillyAudobonHamlet9/7/15Reported by Vic & Linda Hanick. Named for the historic Penn’s Cabin that is located on the Pryor Mountain Horse Range.


2015 Foal Photos: