2023 Foals: Since 2000, the Pryor Mountain foals have been named with an alphabetical naming system. The naming of the 2023 foals has been a bit of a challenge as this is the year of the “X” names. However, through careful thought and collaboration, each have been given meaningful names.

ID NumberNameGenderMotherProbable SireDate ReportedComments
202301XanderMUnityOglala4/28/2023 (Dec)The first foal of 2023 was born to the young mare, Unity. His name means "defender of mankind/humankind." The name goes along well with his mother's name, Unity. Sadly, Xander disappeared about a month after his birth.
202302XhilerateMRigel StarrJesse James5/6/2023The second foal of Rigel Starr is a sturdy bay colt. His name is in honor of his uncle, Exhilaration, the only survivor of the 2004 foals.
202303XylaFUkulele LilUnknown5/7/2023 (Dec)Xyla was born to the young mare, Ukulele Lil. Her name was chosen to connect with her mother's musical name. It was around August 8, 2023 when Xyla was not with her band.
202304XavierMHeleniumNickle5/9/2023Xavier's grandmother was the mare, Rosebud. He was named Xavier after the community of St. Xavier, a community in the general area where the name "Rosebud" is used as a place name in Montana.
202305Xyris MontanaFJacintaNaolin5/19/2023Xyris montana is a species of flower. It is the perfect fit for the daughter of Jacinta, the Spanish name for "hyacinth."
202306XimenaFFresiaOglala5/21/2023Fresia's new daughter is the female version of her sire, Oglala. The name was found near the time of the foal's birth during a school talk about wild horses.
202307XemaMUushuwateQuanah5/26/2023Xema is the daughter of the young mare, Uushuwate. Time will tell if he "roans out" like so many in his family.
202308XotaUSophiaBanjo Paterson6/18/2023 (dec)Sophia's foal was one that died shortly after its birth, for reasons unknown. He was the second of Sophia's offspring to die this spring with his death shortly following his sister, Wyononna's.
202309XaraFVictoriaUnknown6/27/2023The dark bay mare, Victoria, gave birth to a flashy sorrel filly that was named Xara. Xara has a double meaning...bright and princess. She surely is a "Bright Princess" on the Pryors!
202310XanthosMLa NinaOglala7/14/2023 (Dec)Xanthos was the fifth of La Nina's offspring. Like the others, he was very beautiful. Unfortunately, he died shortly after his birth in June.
202311XtremeMUltimate StarUnknown7/21/2023Ultimate Star gave birth to a handsome bay colt; one with a distinctive face marking. It is great to see a continuation of his mother's line, especially after the loss of his grandmother, Cecelia.
202312XacaraFNimbus/EncoreChief Joseph8/16/2023What a sweet surprise to see this red dun filly with the palomino mare, Nimbus/Encore. The name "Xacara" has a musical meaning in a couple languages which goes right along with her mother's TCF name and her sister, Wind Song's name.
202313eXaltMProsperaMica/MatoSka8/27/2023It was another surprise when Mica/MatoSka and Prospera had a sorrel colt. His look is much like his great grandsire, Hercules. He was named eXalt as a tribute to his fine heritage from both his mother and sire.

2023 Foal Photos: