2019 Foals

ID NumberNameGenderMotherProbable SireDate ReportedCommentsPhoto
201901TinyUnknownWaifKemmererBorn: 4/14/2019
Deceased: 5/19/19
The first foal of 2019 came into the world in mid-April. This foal was born to the aged mare, Waif, and the young Kemmerer. The foal was rarely seen, but disappeared in mid-May.
201902TierraFPetraLondon4/22/2019Petra and London had their first foal in April 2014. This foal, a filly, is the look-alike of her grandsire, Doc. She was named Tierra which means "earth" in honor of her mother, Petra, which means "rock."
201903ThunderbirdMNiobraraFools Crow4/24/2019Thunderbird is a special foal as he represents both the mountain horses with his mother, Niobrara, and the Dryhead subgroup with his mother Fools Crow. He is a sturdy foal who looks like he may be a blue roan just like his sire.
201904TitaniaFMorganaHidalgo5/3/2019Titania was the second of the Dryhead 2019 foals. She is a flashy red dun filly whose color goes back to stallion, Sir Lancelot. Titania's name came from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Titania was the queen of the fairies.
201905Tom HornMPennJesse James5/6/2019Penn is a part of Jesse James' band. This small band is one of the most elusive and infrequently seen of any of the Pryor Horses. They live in the desert lowlands of Lower Sykes. Penn was seen with a foal in early May. The only known photo is from the distance with only a tiny pair of foal legs running alongside its mother and older brother, Sentinel. We've been waiting to name the foal until we learn of the gender.
201906TaliaFJuniperHorizon5/16/2019The buckskin mare, Juniper, has a new buckskin filly by her side. The bright colored foal was named Talia which means "Dew of the Gods." Juniper's other name is Jewel. Dew sparkles like a jewel, just as this foal sparkles like her mother.
201907TravelerMPegasusMissoula6/3/2019Pegasus' second foal is a look-alike to his mom. The foal was named with a connection to his sire, Missoula. The Lewis & Clark came down into the Missoula (Montana) area and stopped at a nearby place called "Traveler's Rest."
201908TaigaFQuahneahLondon6/3/2019Baja and Washakie's daughter, Quahneah, has a new daughter. The young filly's name was chosen to go along with the Alaskan theme of her sire (Jack) London. The taiga (tie-ga) is the large forest biome that covers much of the interior or Alaska.
201909TapaderoMJacintaGaray6/5/2019The ninth foal of 2019 was born to Jacinta and Garay. The colt has been named Tapadero. Tapaderos, a word of Spanish origin, are "hooded stirrups, that are designed to protect the horse and rider. The name makes a connection between the Pryor horses Spanish and Western heritage.
201910TitanMOceanaGrijala6/11/2019The lineage of the tenth foal goes back to Conquistador and Cavelita. The name Titan is a perfect name to represent his sire, Grijala's line. In addition, Oceanus, was the Greek titan god of the ocean. To paraphrase the Iliad..."Oceana, from whom he has sprung." Grow up strong, little Titan!
201911TrooperMLaBravaIrial7/10/2019The eleventh foal has been named "Tom Horn" which is a perfect fit for his sire's name. Tom Horn was a figure from the 19th Century American Old West. Among other things he was a soldier, a cowboy, and a scout. He and Jesse James were both outlaw legends of the Old West.
201912TorMNimbusKnight8/02/2019Why is he named Tor? Tor was one of the Knights of the Round Table (Tor's father is Knight) and that Anglo Saxon name means “high rock.” Tor is also the name for the Norse god of thunder and we all know this summer has been filled with thunder. Tor was the strongest of all the gods in Norse mythology. This little guy has a great name to grow into. Welcome to the world little Tor!0