2018 Foals

ID NumberNameGenderDamBirth HaremDate ReportedReported by & NotesPhoto
201801SorcererMMorganaJohnstonFebruary 8, 2018The first 2018 foal was reported by Bill Pickett of the National Park Service. The name was chosen to continue on with the Arthurian legend to honor dam, Morgana, and grandsire, Merlin.
201802SundanceMNovaHickokApril 4, 2018We had been awaiting the arrival of Nova and Hickok’s foal. Kristen Collett let us know on April 4 that it had happened! The foal may have been born as early as April 1. He was named in honor of both parents with Nova’s link to stars and Hickok’s link to the Old West with the infamous Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.