The Foals 2013

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December 22, 2013: It’s Winter in Wyoming!

Yesterday was the first day of winter. And winter came into Wyoming with a blast that continues today. The Pryor Mountains are covered in clouds which are most certainly covering a world of white! The photo below shows Exhilaration, adopted Pryor Mountain Mustang, on this snowy morning We send our wishes today for a very Merry Christmas and a memorable New Year!

December 6,2013

Pryor Mountain…Heading into Winter

The calendar might not say that it is winter yet, but the weather tells a different story. A strong wind ushered in a cold front that has settled into the Big Horn Basin. Below zero and nearly zero weather is upon us! The wild horses have begun their seasonal migration down the mountain in search of protection and food. Snow has become an important water source. Watch for our PryorWild blogs and Facebook updates to stay informed of the winter activities of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses.

Besa & Stiles…Heading into Winter

After several months, Stiles and Besa have settled into their new home at the Mustang Center. Both display their wild behaviors as they seek out shelter from the snow & wind, maintain a wariness around humans, and keep a watchful eye on their surroundings.

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La Nina: There’s a new foal in the Dryhead! Bakken finally foaled in October, and is now with Blizzard, along with Cascade. The newest addition to herd brings the total foal count 17, with 15 surviving.