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John T. Nickle-President. Lovell Wyoming

John Nickle is a former mayor of Lovell and President of the Wyoming Association of Municipalities with years of experience in oversight of municipal and regional construction projects. John has been supporting and observing the wild horses since the mid 1960's.

Nancy Cerroni-Vice President. Lovell, Wyoming

Nancy Cerroni is the Curriculum Director for Big Horn County School District #2 in Lovell. She has been actively observing the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses since the early 2000's. Nancy enjoys bringing her worlds of education and wild horses together through educational programs presented in the local area.

Matthew Dillon. Cowley, Wyoming.

Matthew Dillon was born and raised in Lovell, Wyoming. After receiving his B.S. in Environmental Science, he started working as the first Director of the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center. He currently does environmental work for a local company but is still very involved with the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses.

Diane Granger. Lovell, Wyoming.

Diane Granger moved from New Jersey to Lovell in 1993 with her husband Wally. She enjoys hiking in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. Diane now owns four Pryor Mountain Mustangs (including Liesl and Kaibab) along with other critters.

Jason Beal. Lovell, Wyoming.

Jason Beal is a native of Lovell, WY and has always had an interest in the Pryor horses. Jason is the Emergency Management Coordinator for Big Horn County. He also works for the Big Horn County Sheriff's Office as a Patrol Deputy Jason has taught at Lovell Middle School and continues to coach there.

Kate Abbene. Lovell, Wyoming.


Honorary Members:

LaMoine Sorenson-Vice President. Deaver, Wyoming.

Mr. Sorenson is a partner in his family"s electric power transmission construction business. He also ranches close to the Pryor Mountains.

Jim Edwards. Fishtail, Montana.

Mr. Edwards is a real estate developer and mustang breeder.

Hope Ryden. New York City, New York.

Ms. Ryden is a nationally known author who has written many books and articles on wild mustangs.

Dr. Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, PhD. Blacksburg, Virginia

Dr. Sponenberg is a professor of Pathology and Genetics at Virginia Tech. Dr. Sponenberg has written many articles and books about wild horses and has studied the Pryor horses for many years.




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